Audiometry (hearing) testing & Measles Outbreak update

Testing the baseline hearing of employees, protects the organisation from future concerns regarding noise induced hearing loss.

How can noise cause damage to hearing? Noise + time = hearing damage (Ministry of Health Catalogue Code HE1122) Constant short sharp loud noises or long periods of time in noisy environments can damage delicate cells inside the ear.

Companies test their employees to ensure this is not the case in working environments and monitor their staff annually or every two years.

WWS tests include: noise exposure history, an otoscopic examination and the screening test. Provided staff completes the consent form, a copy of their result can be emailed or posted to your H&S contact.

Book your Audiometry tests at our WWS clinic or Onsite.
If you require Onsite Audiometry testing, the cost will be the same, plus an onsite fee with a minimum requirement of 5 staff members at one time.

Bookings are essential so register your interest now!

Measles Outbreak Update
The vaccine is now available to everyone in NZ for free. Please contact your GP to arrange this if unsure about immunity.

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