ESR laboratory Drug screen testing

WWS has found that more and more companies have adopted ESR laboratory or Instant drug & alcohol testing which is GREAT. Not only are more organisations providing this effective tool to control and monitor drug and alcohol abuse, they are doing all they can to prevent high risks of accidents and injuries that would most likely be caused by drug & alcohol abuse users in the workplace.

Reasons why companies would drug test employees:
1. Pre Employment testing
2. Reasonable Cause
3. Random testing
4. Re-test
5. Other

It is vital for organisations to ensure their service providers are NZQA accredited aligned with the AS/NZ 4308:2001 standards to be able to collect ESR urinalysis samples and forward these kits to ESR. For more information about AS/NZ 4308:2001 standards, see –

There are two Drug testing options companies prefer to include in their drug testing processes:
1. Some companies have their potential/current employees Instantly Drug Tested where a result will be shown straight away and only when a result is showing “positive” will the sample be forwarded to ESR for further testing and confirmation.
2. Other companies prefer direct ESR testing where a urine sample is collected and couriered straight away to ESR for results which can take 2-3 working days.

The ESR collection process is straight forward and requires clients to:
 Give their consent for urinalysis samples to be collected & their workplaces to receive a copy of the results
 Explanation of the process and chain of custody so clients understand the procedures
 ESR kits are opened in front of clients and prepared with the ESR drug testing form filled out and signed by both the client and the collector
 Urinalysis is collected and the temperature is read within 4 minutes
 Kit is sealed with forms and samples ready for courier pick up
 Results are sent to either us or the company contact within 2-3 working days

WWS have accredited staff that can carry out the urinalysis tests/collections and if you require further information, you can view ESR’s website or contact us.

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