Exit Medicals

WWS can complete Exit Medicals vital for determining any health issues staff or contractors may have gained during the period of their employment or contracting.

The results can then be compared to their Pre-employment and Annual Screening medical examinations.

The opportunity for the employer is to document an exiting baseline health assessment snapshot of the worker that maybe relevant (or not) in the future, for example, with respect to noise induced hearing loss. Comparison of the audiometric profile and relevance of industry induced hearing loss can be delineated better as our auditory function will naturally deteriorate with age. Risk managing this process organisationally upfront is beneficial forsaking time and cost later for any claims made.

The opportunity for the worker is a here and now cost-free snapshot of their health status so if referral or medical advice is needed they can be proactive to better manage this. Additionally, they can better prepare themselves for further transition to new employment or retirement.

Exit Medicals can involve different elements like:
 Vision Screen Tests
 Spirometry (lung function) Tests
 General Medical Examination or specific Screening including – Blood Pressure Testing and Range of Motion function

However, the most identified concern employers have is:
 Audiometry (hearing) Tests to discover any noise induced hearing loss staff may have been exposed to and may require further specialist assistance with.

WWS can tailor your Exit Medicals to complete your requirements.

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