How to run a biggest loser at your workplace

The biggest loser TV show has helped many people get motivated to lose weight and ultimately lead a healthier lifestyle. Running a biggest loser competition will help promote ‘workplace health’ and will motivate employees to become healthier and lose weight.

Implementing a biggest loser at your workplace shouldn’t be hard. Below are some guidelines on making your biggest loser program a success:

Program length
You should run your program for 12 weeks if possible; this is an adequate amount of time for employees to make healthy habits stick.

Include regular weigh-ins throughout the program. Privacy is very important so make sure that the weigh-ins are held in spare office or boardroom. Lots of people are sensitive about their weight so rather than publicise an employee’s weight, calculate the percentage weight loss instead.

You may choose to include teams in your challenge which will help some people to feel more comfortable in the program because they can contribute to a team result rather than have the spotlight on them.

Confidentiality is very important especially if you want everyone to participate.

Prizes are a great motivational tool. You should have a prize for the winning individual (and winning team if you are working in teams).

It is also beneficial to have smaller prizes for the regular weigh-ins to help motivate employees throughout the program. Have a ‘most improved’ prize for someone who was maybe a little reluctant to start with but embraced the program towards the end.

Who’s the biggest loser now?
Running a biggest loser program at your workplace will encourage employees to eat healthier and get regular exercise. It will also help create a competitive culture which is beneficial to any business. Remember that a lot of people are sensitive about their weight and if you truly want to engage all employees then your program needs to ensure privacy and confidentiality

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