Injury Management Services

Injury Management in the workplace is a growing area of focus for employers and their management teams.

Earlier focus is enabled by reducing Lost Time of Injury through an earlier assessment and review process onsite so that clinical teams can work with the worker and their supervisors to expedite recovery and return to work.

The enabling parts of the process are:
• Earlier identification of the clinical ailment because of increased vigilance
• Earlier assessment of the worker through onsite clinical teams or a partnering arrangement with community based medical providers
• Integrated care plans enabling the onsite clinical team to coordinate care with community based medical providers and other allied healthcare teams: physiotherapists, occupational therapists etc
• Heightened learning and communication of care pathways for a RTW (Return To Work) date so care providers, employers and workers are all in the same loop

It’s been interesting working with employers to better understand their Alternative Duties for their workers. Many do want their people on the shop floor doing something and this also speeds up their recovery psychologically.

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