Keep your Workplace Drug & Alcohol Free!

‘Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, and its 2003 amendments, employers have an obligation to take “all practicable steps” to ensure the safety of employees while at work. Drugs and Alcohol are listed in the amendments as being a potential hazard. The introduction of workplace drug testing, particularly in safety sensitive areas, is one way in which employers can meet their obligations. Workplace drug testing must, however, take account of several laws including the Privacy Act 1993, the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, and the Human Rights Act 1993’

How to keep your workplace a healthier and safer place
What is interesting is that a lot of organisations do not realise how vital simple recruiting processes can save (long term), a healthier place for themselves and others. Companies that do have drug and alcohol procedures in place prevent a lot of their time and costs by smartly gaining a Pre-employment medical check prior to recruiting their potential clients to gain an introduction of candidates either being fit or unfit for different roles.

I drug tested a past candidate who expressed at the time how he urgently needed work and was not aware of a drug test prior to his interview. His result was positive and this allowed our client to gain awareness before recruiting the candidate, the risks involved if they did recruit him.

Pre/post-employment medicals guarantee satisfied employers are recruiting suitable staff for vacant positions and are not creating a risk for their work colleagues, business, clients, production, health and safety, morale and public image. If not offered at a pre-employment stage, drug and alcohol testing can be done on a random basis.

The drug and alcohol risks companies could face in their work areas can create lost time, absenteeism and dissatisfied customers which are a few results of not having a drug and alcohol procedure in place, when companies could be concentrating on more vital objectives like business success and growth.

Workplace Wellness can assist companies by carrying out Drug and Alcohol tests according to Australian and New Zealand standards (AS/NZS 4308:2001) by using a specimen instant six pot drug test kit which tests for the following drugs:

 Amphetamines
 Benzodiazepines
 Cocaine
 THC (Marijuana)
 Methamphetamines (“P”)
 Opiates

An adulteration detection strip is also identified to detect substances which may have been used to alter the specimen.

Alcohol tests are tested by a breathalyzer which is similar to what the NZ Police use. The result is recorded and the employer is notified.

Employers who choose to use these procedures can rest assure that our team will assist them in creating and making positive Drug and Alcohol processes that suit whilst creating a healthier and safer place for their organisation.

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