New 2011 Year….New Health & Wellbeing Goals

Happy New Year friends! We hope you enjoyed some festive time with your family and friends.

WWS is excited to continue assisting and supporting you with medical requirements your organisation needs including:

 Pre/post employment medicals
 Annual Health Monitoring
 General Health checks
 Audiometry (hearing) test
 Vision Screen test
 Spirometry (lung function) test
 Drug & Alcohol Testing
 Vaccinations
 Wellness programmes
 Injury Management

It is important to maintain the health, wellbeing and safety of employees which is essential in today’s business environment. This is not only for legislative reasons, but also a social responsibility, reducing lost time due to injury which ultimately ensures continued profitability.

At Workplace Wellness Systems, we are keen to understand your requirements so contact us today for more information.

Influenza Vaccination season will commence in March onwards and we are currently confirming details. Stay tuned to our regular updates and offers so that your group does not miss out this year on this great investment for your staff.

We are proud to have added value to health and wealth in the workplace setting and look forward to assisting you this 2011 year.

Let Workplace Wellness Systems be your partner to assist in Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness solutions for your organisation.

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