Office Workers feeling Discomfort?

Here are a few tips based on office work areas that can change simple discomfort while working…..

  1. Work chairs: If the equipment says ergonomically designed, it doesn’t always fix the problem.  The chair or desk needs to be setup for the person using it taking into account height, weight, frequency of use and purpose of use.
  2. Don’t cradle the phone with your neck: Use a headset or hold it properly.  That way you avoid neck/shoulder pain and headaches
  3. Don’t sit low when typing: ensure your elbows are at or above keyboard height and your shoulders are relaxed. Again, you will avoid serious shoulder and neck pain.
  4. Don’t over–reach for the mouse or keyboard: ensure your arms are not fully extended.  This causes real problems with shoulder and upper arm pain.
  5. Don’t hover your fingers over the mouse: Simply relax and rest your fingers on the mouse or use a mouse wrist rest to avoid forearm pain.
  6.  Support your feet: Ensure your feet are not hanging by lowering the chair or using the foot stool.   This stops you from suffering lower back pain.
  7. Stop texting with your thumb: This causes serious pain and inflammation of the wrist.  How about just calling the person instead.
  8. Check your monitoring distance: As we age our focal length changes meaning we may need to move the computer screen closer or further away.

For more information, visit ACC’s Habit at Work website.

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