Pre/post Employment Medicals & Health Monitoring tests

WWS can assist your group by carrying out Pre/post Employment medicals which can consist of simple questionnaires through to extensive medical examinations based on your workplace and the work your employees will carry out. Such systems ensure you minimise and understand the risks of employing a particular individual which will give you a sense of security whilst meeting your Health and Safety obligations.

Pre/post employment medical tests vary depending on your requirement and may consist of:

– Health history questionnaire
– Physical Examination includes height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, pulse
– Musculo-skeletal – range of movement
– Vision screen test
– Audiometry (hearing) test
– Spirometry (lung function) test
– Urinalysis testing blood, glucose, protein
– Instant Drug and Alcohol Test

These tests can also be carried out for Health Monitoring purposes and Wellness Health Days at your worksite. Contact us for a free quote.

Influenza Vaccination 2011
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