Spirometry Testing

Spirometry testing is vital for measuring your employee’s lung function suitable for their age, weight and height.

During the actual test, employees have a few attempts by blowing deep and long breaths into a mouth piece which will smartly record the measurement of their lung capacity.

For the employer, this can be done 6-monthly, annually or 2-yearly to ensure a baseline is defined and recorded particularly in industrial positions i.e.-manufacturing, factory, truck driving which can be monitored and compared as years surpass.

For the employee, this benefits their wellbeing by not only knowing what their lung capacity reads, but also identifying any abnormal signs which they can keep on top of to control any further issues.

Our WWS team can assist your H&S/HR advisors in setting this up for your employees.

See our website for more information http://www.workplacewellnesssystems.co.nz/occupational-health-services/spirometry-lung-function-tests/ you can also book any appointments or contact us for additional information.

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