Spring is here & 3months until Christmas…

People are an essential part of all businesses and your team will perform best in a safe and healthy work environment. The involvement of your people in health and safety will lead to a level of ownership and empowerment that will have a positive impact on morale, loyalty and ultimately your bottom line.

Spring is here and theres 3months until Christmas so now is the perfect time to be contemplating what you wish to achieve for your organisation in order to be productive and competitive in the market place.

It is important to maintain the health, wellness and safety of employees which is essential in today’s business environment. This is not only for legislative reasons, but also a social responsibility, reducing lost time due to injury which ultimately ensures continued profitability.

We have been providing services to many industries as their preferred provider for the last two years.

At Workplace Wellness Systems, we are keen to understand your requirements and are willing to provide services with priority such as:

Instant Drug & Alcohol testing

Pre/post-employment examinations (including Spirometry, Audiometry & Vision screening)

Onsite health monitoring (including Audiometry, Spirometry & Vision screening)

Vaccinations (Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Tetanus, Influenza etc)

Accident, Emergency and Medical services 7 days a week focusing on Injury management and assessments for possible alternative duties (strategic partnership with ETHC group and Whitecross Clinics) and access to Specialist services (Orthopaedic).

We have access to support services such as Laboratories, Radiology services, Pharmacies and Fracture follow-up, Physiotherapy etc from one location.

We are proud to have added value to health and wealth in the workplace setting and look forward to assisting you in the future.


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