Workplace Chronic Disease Awareness Pilot – 2010

Expressions of Interest
WWS – Workplace Chronic Disease Awareness Pilot – 2010

Is your workplace challenged by absenteeism and/or lesser productivity due to chronic illness?
Do you wish to create greater awareness (through knowledge and self management) of your managers and workers about chronic diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Lung Illnesses and Gout?
Does your organisation regularly measure performance parameters like absenteeism, days lost to injury, morale or productivity?
Do you have a screening/health monitoring programme already in place?

If you have answered Yes to all of the above then we would like to hear from you about joining our Workplace Chronic Disease Awareness Pilot

We at Workplace Wellness Systems have a background in Primary Care with a mission to increase enhanced awareness of Chronic Disease in the workplace.

We’re offering to conduct FREE seminars in your workplace around the following health topics:
• Diabetes Mellitus
• Cardiovascular (Heart Disease)
• Chronic Airways Disease and Smoking
• Gout
• Acute/Flu-like Illnesses

You can expect this to enhance your screening/health monitoring approach by improving the performance measures aligned to your workforce.

1. It is expected that you are committed to a screening/health monitoring programme
2. Delivery is customised dependent upon the health topics of relevance at each site

Expressions of Interest can be directed to Audrey
T: (09) 265 4959

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