Workplace Wellness Programmes

WWS tailor wellness programmes to suit different companies. Our team can assist you by carrying out onsite sessions or health medical checks of diabetes, body mass index checks, blood pressure tests, glucose, cholesterol, cardiovascular risk assessments, range of movements, height and weight and smoking cessation as well as any other programmes you wish to pursue for your organisation and introduce to your employees.

WWS Awareness looks at aspects like Health and Safety days, lunchtime discussions, wellness days and seminars

WWS Work/Life Balance can be a group discussion on topics like stress management, flexible work options, financial management and English as a second language

WWS Clinical Decision Support – WWS can monitor employees by giving constant health checks including vision screening, hearing tests and lung function checks

WWS Personal Development – this includes aspects of Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Eat for Keeps, Cervical Screening, Smoking Cessation, Diabetes management and breast screening.

WWS Work Areas – involves pain/discomfort management, work related health risks, noise management, injury management and rehabilitation.

We can work together with you to tailor and meet your objectives alongside any budget requirements.

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